List your Wisconsin cabins, cottages, lodges or homes is a state-specific, vacation rental website that connects renters with YOU (rental owners and property managers). But we don’t ogle over your booking dollars - we deliver quality inquiries and get out of the way so renters can plan and book directly with you. Our low annual fee - book direct website opens the door to higher rental income. The listing fee is based on the number of rentals you list (see rates below). Join our team today - We initially set up your listing(s) for you. All you need to do is keep your listing(s) up to date and respond QUICKLY to inquiries (our free text alerts can help with that).

Your listing is just the beginning. We constantly promote member properties in our social network, plus we link your property website and social networks. We blog about your unique vacation experience, and much more. We help grow your online brand, not hide it behind a listing number or book it now button.


It’s no surprise - vacationers flock to the Internet to SEARCH for Wisconsin vacation rentals. If you’re not listed on, you’re missing out on DAILY listing views and QUALITY inquiries.

Vacationers find by entering phrases like Wisconsin Cabins, Rent Wisconsin Cabins, Wisconsin Vacation Rentals, Wisconsin Cabin Rentals, etc. into Google, Bing and other search engines. Renters choose our website because they prefer to plan and book with you, not through a booking website (30 to 1 in fact). We offer a big selection, an interactive map and a one-of-a-kind Narrow Your Search tool.

Visitors spend an average of 00:04:50 comparing properties on 99% of website visits originate from WI, IL, MN, and IA - vacationers specifically searching for Wisconsin vacation rentals.

Shortly after sign up, we’ll review your business website (if you have one), then call for a quick "thanks" and secure your credit card information (though you can pay by check too). Next, we’ll create your listing(s) for you and add them to our website. Once your listing(s) are live, we process payment. Rental owners and property mangagers can easily update listing content via Property Manager, 24/7.

Each rental unit has its own listing. WHY? Each unit offers different availability, views, and in most cases amenities. Renters prefer to see the details of EACH rental unit at the resort.


  • 1 rental unit listing $128/yr.
  • 2 rental unit listings $185/yr.
  • 3 rental unit listings $270/yr.
  • 4 rental unit listings $350/yr.
  • 5 rental unit listings $425/yr.
  • 6 rental unit listings $494/yr.
  • 7 rental unit listings $561/yr.
  • 8 rental unit listings $665/yr.
  • 9 rental unit listings $521/yr.
  • 10 rental unit listings $661/yr.
  • 11 rental unit listings $775/yr.
  • 12 rental unit listings $837/yr
  • 13 rental unit listings $899/yr
  • 14 rental unit listings $957/yr
  • 15 rental unit listings $1015/yr
  • 16 rental unit listings $1072/yr
  • 17 rental unit listings $1137/yr
  • 18 rental unit listings $1191/yr
  • 19 rental unit listings $1255/yr
  • 20 rental unit listings $1309/yr
  • 21 rental unit listings $1370/yr
  • 22 rental unit listings $1433/yr
  • 23 rental unit listings $1484/yr
  • 24 rental unit listings $1545/yr
  • 25 rental unit listings $1607/yr
  • 26 rental unit listings $1668/yr
  • 27 rental unit listings $1715/yr
  • 28 rental unit listings $1774/yr
  • 29 rental unit listings $1818/yr
  • 30 rental unit listings $1864/yr
  • Over 30 rental units? Please call for annual rates

Don’t let our low annual rates fool you. Our service model is based on being a VALUE SUPERSTAR for thousands of rental owners and property managers in many states. We are JM Creative Group, and our (perfectly normal) obsession with the vacation rental industry has lead to the launch of (so far) 5 state-specific, vacation rental websites: Wisconsin;;; and recently and We’re just getting warmed up.

Payment options:

  1. Check
  2. Credit Card via PayPal

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  • Our website traffic comes from WI, IL, IA and MN. Renters most-likely to rent from you
  • 2,334,340 Pageviews. Renters specifically searching for Wisconsin cabins, cottages, lodges and homes
  • 562,413 visits
  • 00:04:51 Avg. Time On Site
  • 74% New Visits
    (1/1/09 to 9/24/15)

Do you use email spam-blocking tools? To ensure you receive our email communications, please add to your list of safe addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email program allows inquiries from us. All rental contracts are between renters and owners or managers. RENTWISCONSINCABINS.COM doesn't take a commission on your rental fee. RENTWISCONSINCABINS.COM is your proud business partner. If you have questions, please contact us at 608-850-4242.

As a general rule, the larger the population base of the area in which your vacation rental is located, the more likely there are to be additional county and or city regulations you will have to follow. Make sure you check the rental laws in your town, county. To learn more about how rental-laws may effect your property; start your due diligence here:

If you are renting your non-owner occupied property year around, here is a link to information on Wisconsin Rental Weatherization 'DILHR' Inspections:

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